The Wild River Chronicles

Deep Ecopsychology Journal

The Wild River Chronicles

Encounters with The Wild, both inner and outer, are often arresting experiences. In our meetings with this unknown and often unexpected realm we are called to pay attention in a different way. Our instincts are awakened as our perceptions expand. We are simultaneously invited toward and carried across the threshold of our current comprehension.

The Wild and Wilderness are not places, although they are invoked by such. Wild for humanity in its most generative sense, is a state of being; a way of being present to the unknown. It has nothing to do with chaos and everything to do with the innate order and wisdom inherent in nature - the whole and creative ecological expression of life, of which humans are a part. 

It seems the larger part of our imagination awaits our attention just beyond the limits of our every-day human consciousness. Here the inner river of our mythic imagination flows, eager for our presence and the alchemical sparks that ignite the sustaining flame of our Deep Wise Self.       

When we approach the wild natural world with a sincere intention, with reverence and skill, we will be admitted and remembered by wildness itself. If we are patient we will be reunited with the old growth forest of our deep imagination and tap the roots of the true wisdom we share with the earth; our most ancient common ancestor. Sometimes terrifying and exquisitely beautiful, sometimes subtle and dream-like, this confluence reminds us and teaches us what it means to belong; to ourselves, to each other and to the living earth to whom, regardless of our tribal creed, we are all betrothed. 

When this generative consciousness touches us we can’t not be affected and in some way changed. Stripped of sentimentality and beyond all notions of mere entertainment, the trivial ideals of our performance identity crumble. We can count on wildness to reflect the bare naked truth of our individual and collective lives and to illuminate our path. 

The choice to step forward is ours alone. 


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